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Replacing Fly Screen

So, as mentioned previously, I’m not the most experienced in anything home renovation/repair wise, however we needed to replace a lot of fly screens in the new house we bought, and it was warm weather and we needed to air out a bit so we thought we would give it a go. So off to the hardware store we went (living in Australia, we went to Bunnings).

So many different types of fly screen available!! We ended up going with the pet-safe screen, given we have a cat and a pug. It stated it was stronger than both normal screen, and the aluminium screen. We fitted it about 3 months ago, and so far so good 🙂

So, once you pick the appropriate fly screen, depending on what your need is, you will also need Spline and a Spline Roller;

Best way I can describe spline is a hollow rubber tube, which comes in various thickness and lengths (depending how much you need). Bunnings had free rolls that you could cut to length, which worked out better value if you needed heaps, or bags with different pre-cut lengths. We just went with the bag as we were just trying it to see how we went. The spline roller we paid $2 for (there was more expensive ones, but they all do the same job right?). The white bit on the end rolls.


Screen door full
Screen Door Full

What you need to do is relatively easy. Pull your frame out of the window/door, and lay it on the floor. Cut the screen to fit with spare screen around every edge (you will need enough that you can fix the screen in). Cut the spline to length for all four edges of your frame. Sit your screen over the frame with the spline gaps facing upwards. Run the spline runner over the top of the spline to push it down into the gap (you will need to apply a bit of pressure/force to push it in). I found it easier to run the spline runner towards me, where my partner found it easier to run the spline runner away from her, so try both to see which is easier for you. If you need to pull the spline back out for any reason, the hook on the other end of your spline runner is designed to pull the spline out – again you may need to use mild force to lift it, but it is only rubber so you cant really damage it pulling it out with the hook.

Once you have installed the spline on all four edges you can then cut the excess screen off; I would advise to not cut it too close the the spline, just to reduce the chance of it coming undone and screen falling out, or if your spline gives out before the screen does it should be reasonably easy enough to replace it.

Screen door close
Screen Door Close Up

And Voila! New screen!