Hi, and welcome to my blog! Here I will be sharing Random Thoughts and Ideas I wish to share with the world at large, my travel experiences, renovations that we complete on our house and book reviews 🙂

  • Random Thoughts and Ideas; it is, as the name suggested, most likely to be filled with completely random posts that will probably have no correlation to each either lol
  • Travel; At present, the only continent I havent stepped foot onto is Antarctica – in saying this, whilst I have done some travel, there is still so much more I want to see and do! My partner and I have a slight travel addiction lol and are almost constantly thinking about where we want to jet off to next!
  • Home Renovations; we recently purchased a nice house, but it has alot of potential for us to renovate to make our (almost) dream home a reality. I will be mostly trying to stick to reno’s my partner and I have completed ourselves, as I would like to share with everyone photo’s and step by step instructions/directions of what we have done. Not being builders alot of it will be more on the basic side, however I have learnt along the way that things that potentially seem too hard are actually achievable
  • Book Reviews; I am by no means an author/publisher/editor, however I do have a massive, massive passion for reading and enjoy sharing good books with others, as I appreciate when people share good books with me!

I hope you enjoy my blog!!